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Montana liberal atheist. Pro-education, literacy, compassion, science, fact, kindness, choice and responsibility. Anti- bigotry, intentional ignorance, bullies, cruelty, zealots.

It’s only a year. …


I only just realized that I had this site today, when I got an email that I was being billed for the year. I apparently decided last year around this time to get an account and start my life over. … Then a year went by. and here I am today. ┬áIt’s the 4th of february 2016 and I’m at a turning point. Which way do I go


First day of the rest of my life.


You don’t know me. I aim to change that. I am a great many things. I am a woman, a sister, a lover, a daughter, a liberal, an activist, and artist, an atheist, I am smart, snarky and I don’t suffer fools wells. I’m open to genuine people and interactions. I’d like to make friends. I’m 37 and and I’m starting my life over,